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When you provide your pet reptiles with a well designed living space, you give your pets a great habitat in which to live and thrive and beautify your life too!

Custom Reptile Habitats is committed to all aspects of reptile and amphibian care and enjoyment and through our vast knowledge and experience, we continue to find and offer our customers the very best products available.

Our Promise To You: We put the pet first and will never compromise quality over profits. Our business model is not to try and offer every product available for reptiles. Instead, we hand select unique, high quality products to provide our customers with great habitat choices that will enable your pet reptiles to really thrive. 

Current Wait Times On Our Reptile Enclosures (Updated July 23rd)

Evolution Series - 4 Weeks Average Ship Time

Select Series -  Sold Out At This Time

Essential Series - 6 + Weeks Average Ship Time
(For orders placed in July)

Custom Reptile Enclosures - Sold Out At This Time 

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This 4 ft décor kit includes everything pictured here, less the substrate. The background will easily attach to any 4 ft enclosure, tank or cage and is 24″ tall.

Reptile Décor Kits

A Zoo Quality Enclosure in Just Minutes...

Our décor kits will transform your plain glass tank, wood or PVC enclosure into a zoo quality exhibit that will not only look great, it will provide a more functional habitat too as your reptile and amphibian pets will have places to climb on and explore, just as they would in the wild. 

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We are remodeling our store area in the second half of 2021 and when we do, will be allocating space for a showroom and research area. Also, for our local and nearby customers, you are now able to save on shipping costs by selecting "Pick up" while placing your order which will enable to you pick up directly from our Dayton, Ohio location, once your order is complete.