A-Round Nature – 360 Degree Terrariums

A-Round Nature – 360 Degree Terrariums

These terrariums feature a unique round shape–the creators of these, at A-Round Nature call it a “Panararium”–enhancing your ability to view your cold blooded friends. This unique shaping allows a full 360 degree view of your pet, as well as providing a unique artistic piece to feature in your home. A-Round Nature Panararium terrariums come in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from 15” by 5” all the way up to an extra-large 28” by 36”, and can fit most any home and make the perfect habitats for most geckos, dart and tree frogs and small tropical lizards .

A-Round Nature – 360 Degree TerrariumsAll Panarariums include long lasting 12 volt, LED lights, a lockable mesh top, allowing your reptiles plenty of fresh air while still providing it the security of an enclosure that won’t accidentally open or allow your reptile to escape. Need more airflow? also included in this range are 2 steel screen cages that are perfect for most chameleons and big enough for them to climb and explore. For the larger Panarariums, we also carry a variety of stands, built specifically to hold A-Round Nature terrariums. These stands range from sleek black to more decorative stands, designed to look like oak or cypress stumps. Further, we also carry A-Round Nature reptile décor to perfectly accent your new terrarium, while providing your scaly friend a place to crawl over, slither into, or climb on. All of these A-Round Nature terrariums and terrarium products are produced in the United States by our friends at Universal Rocks and are so well made, they can also hold water. With your purchase, you ensure the very best for your new pet. And, with all these options, you could a build a beautiful rainforest scene, right in the luxury of your living room!

Made in the USA, these quality terrariums are an investment that will make your setup something truly special for your home or office and once your ready to order your own A-Round Nature Panararium, you can order here

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In this below video Stuart and Dan from Universal Rocks discuss the features and benefits of these truly unique terrariums and accessories.