Rocky Canyon – 3 Foot Reptile Terrarium Background

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Product Details

  • Dimensions - 35" L x 17" H
  • Materials - Polyurea (Scratch Proof)
  • Country of Origin - USA

Materials Used

These Polyurea backgrounds are flexible and will not scratch or break. The polyurea material adds to its strength keeping it very durable and still lightweight. These will last a lifetime and can even be power washed with 4000psi of water. Perfect for larger reptiles with strong claws as they cannot penetrate this super strong material. Scroll down to see how the World's best reptile backgrounds are made.

Product Description

This background was molded from an actual rock wall and chosen for its beautiful features, will easily attach to any 3 ft enclosure, tank or cage and is 18″ tall. Easy to install or modify, these backgrounds are the very best available and will provide you and your pets with many years of use as they climb and explore the ultra realistic rocky surface.

  • Perfect for large 36" x 18" habitats
  • Safe, non toxic materials
  • Super strong, flexible, lightweight construction

Full Description

The quickest and by far, the most dramatic addition to many habitat designs is with the addition of a 3D, super realistic background and our backgrounds are the very best available. Not only just for looks, these backgrounds will help your cold blooded pets to regulate their body temperature as they can climb or rest on the deep rocky surface.

Molded from an actual rock wall and chosen for its beautiful features, this ledge style design can easily be modified to suit your own custom design. Made from groundbreaking, safe, non toxic materials and able to be added to and withstand the harshest salt or freshwater aquariums as well as the hottest desert or rainforest terrariums. The coloration is actually crushed rocks and sand that is added to the actual backdrop during the manufacturing process for an amazingly realistic look that will never fade or lose its coloration.

Made in the USA for Maximum Reptile™, we know you will enjoy these quality backgrounds and get years of use while decorating your custom habitat with the most realistic three dimensional backgrounds around that is made to last for many years and can be washed, scrubbed and even power washed without causing damage to the surface. 

See Emily from Snake Discovery learn how the World's best reptile backgrounds are made. At 17 minutes in you will see how strong they really are with the hammer, knife and the 4000psi power washer test!


Rocky Canyon – 3 Foot Reptile Terrarium Background
Rear view of our Rocky Canyon – 3 Foot Reptile Terrarium Background

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
David Schneider

It’s great! Very realistic

I love this background!

I got this background for my bearded dragon. He absolutely loves it when we put him back in his enclosure he instantly went on the backdrop and now I just catch him sleeping on it very happy with how realistic the background is.

One of the best backgrounds money can buy!

I'm very pleased with the quality and detailed rock formations on this background. Unlike those cheap styrofoam backgrounds that ultimately gets shredded up after a couple of months being used. Buy it. You won't regret it. Two thumbs up custom reptile habitats. 👍👍

Don't bother trying to do one yourself

I have two of these now and they are amazing. The detail is incredible and the ledges really make my tanks POP. These are made by the same people who make all the displays in Brian Barczyk's Reptarium. Gone are the days of working on a background for days :-0

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