Custom Reptile Enclosures

Custom Reptile Enclosures

"The Vivarium itself is as vital to the correct provision of an animal as is the provision of the pertinent heating and lighting systems. These are not just boxes in which an animal is living, but rather they are a core part of the technology needed to ensure high levels of health and well being. Therefore, choosing the right type and size of vivarium, then installing the correct decoration or naturalistic habitat alongside the correct electronics is as of vital importance to overall health and well being as every other part of the system." 

John Courteney-Smith MRSB, Head of Science and Innovation at Arcadia Reptile

Our custom reptile enclosures can now be made to order. Manufactured in our own facilities from our super strong, USA made aluminum tubing and high quality, real PVC or HDPE panels, our Essential Series enclosures can be custom made in different size and color combinations. 

Contact us today for more information. Please note: Due to the time of the year and the popularity of our enclosures, there may be a delay in responding to your request with custom enclosure quotations and we apologize for any delays in advance. 

Custom Reptile Enclosures and Cages by Maximum Reptile™

Made in the USA from the highest quality materials available, these superior enclosures not only look great, they are carefully designed with your pet reptiles needs first and foremost - Click Here for More Details on our Designs

Maximum Reptile™ enclosures are built up to a standard, not down to a price. With our products, you and your pet reptiles will benefit from our high quality standards and decades of design experience.

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Examples: Our Large Custom Reptile Enclosures

Here are just a couple of examples of the large enclosures that we produce. Our custom enclosure are made from our super thick, USA made aluminum frames with PVC or HDPE panels that will maintain and withstand high humidity when necessary.  This design is substantially stronger than all PVC enclosures, which is why we can build such large enclosures that are also safe and secure. 

Larger custom reptile enclosures8L x 3W x 6H Custom Reptile Enclosure with Hood         -         4L x 2W x 5H Custom Reptile Enclosure with decorative wood on the outside

Examples: Our Unique Customization's 

With our Essential series of enclosures, you can easily customize them by framing and then adding decorative wood to the outside.  

How to customize our custom reptile enclosures montage

Examples: Decorating Our Custom Enclosures 

The below video shows us decorating a 3 x 2 x 3 enclosure for a Goliath Bird-eating Tarantula that we built for Ms. Mallory Adventures for her YouTube set. This enclosure features a full bioactive setup and automatic misting system.

Make your dream reptile enclosure become a reality and Contact us today for more information. Please note: Due to the time of the year and the popularity of our enclosures, there may be a delay in responding to your request with custom enclosure quotations and we apologize for any delays in advance.

Examples: Building a Reptile Zoo 

We also have experience in building high profile, private reptile Zoos like the new Snake Discovery Reptile Zoo in St Paul, Minnesota. 

Video 1 - Selecting the Décor

We travel down to Universal Rocks in Texas to select and purchase the décor and backgrounds for the reptile zoo.

Video 2 - Building the enclosures

After designing the enclosures for each reptile display, the enclosures are then framed and lined with plywood. Each enclosure then has a waterproof pan added to the bottom to help prevent future water damage.  

Video 3 - Installing the Décor (part 1)

Now we add the background sheets and begin to foam in the gaps before trimming off the excess foam and touching up the seams to blend them in with the backgrounds.

 Video 4 - Installing the Décor (part 2)

Here we finish installing the backgrounds and select the décor for each exhibit and well as begin to permanently position some of the décor in the exhibits.

We worked closely on the enclosure sizes and designs for quite some time to make them as large as possible and for the décor selection, species specific to try and mimic the reptiles natural habitat. At 15 minutes in, Emily explains our approach to how to display the reptiles while still giving them some places to hide, which we are very excited to see implemented in this reptile Zoo.

 Video 5 - Finishing the outside of each Habitat and building the Cave Entrance (part 1)

They have to look great on the outside too and in this video we build the cave entrance and completely wrap the outside of the enclosures with artificial rock sheets as well as begin decorating the island (middle) exhibits. 

 Video 6 - Finishing the outside of each Habitat (part 2)

In this video update, the island displays are nearing completion as we move towards the finishing touches of this epic reptile Zoo build.

Video 7 - Building the 2nd cave and decorating with plants and special effects.

We had lots of fun doing this video and now as the enclosures are being finished off, Stuart from Universal Rocks shows how to make moss and running water effects as well as vine and plant placement.

Video 8 - Setting up the Life Support Systems for each Habitat

Coming soon - Each enclosure has the lighting and heating installed and for the higher humidity species, an automatic misting system is hooked up as well.

 Video 9 - Adding the Reptiles to their New Enclosures

Coming soon - Once the reptiles and introduced to their new enclosures, we then recap the build and share the pricing for some of the Zoo displays. 

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