Other Terrariums

Other Terrariums

For an view amazing, 365 degree view, these new round terrarium designs are in a class of their own. Know as a Panararium™, the advantages are not only in the design, this lightweight plastic material also makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze while the built-in LED lights show off every detail of your pets new environment. 

Perfect for many small lizards, geckos, amphibians and most invertebrates, this is the smallest terrarium design available from our friend’s at A-Round Nature and Universal Rocks who manufacture these stunning displays right here in the USA.

Whether you’re planning to add real or artificial plants, the LED lights are sure to highlight every detail and coloration of both your decorations and your pets. The bulbs are guaranteed to last thousands of hours and as they run on 12 volts, will not overheat your terrarium.

The lockable lid has a large, aluminum vent built in and will provide ventilation and a location to add any extra lighting or heating. Combine all these features into this unique terrarium and you are sure to have the beginning of a very special display that can be enjoyed for many years to come. See our review here

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