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Product Details

  • Weight- Available in 10 and 20 Lb. Bags
  • Materials - Natural Substrate from Central Australia
  • Country of Origin - Australia 

Product Description

Responsibly collected from Central Australia, home of The Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps) - aka inland or central bearded dragon, now the most popular pet lizard in the World.

  • Perfect for recreating your bearded dragons natural habitat
  • Promotes natural behavior like digging
  • Safe, non toxic materials from Central Australia

Full Description

In the wild, Bearded dragons can be found in a variety of habitats, from the desert to scrublands and even dry forest. They’re often seen basking on tree stumps, fence posts, branches or boulders. From here they can see predators, prey and mates, all the while soaking up some hot, Australian sun.

While Bearded dragons are excellent climbers, they are also skilled burrowers and naturally dig burrows for shelter from both predators and the extreme heat. Genuine Australian Red Desert Sand is the best substrate you can find for your Bearded Dragon. No other sand on the market can compare to the real thing. By using authentic Australian Red Desert Sand collected from the natural habitat of your Dragon you can rest assured that your treasured animal will feel right at home… literally!

Spot clean as needed and make sure you change your Australian Red Desert Sand every 4–6 months to ensure your Dragon has a clean habitat.

What about Impaction?

Contrary to popular belief, sand does not cause impaction (aside from calcium carbonate-based sands). Dehydration, low basking temperatures, and high parasite loads cause impaction. A healthy bearded dragon should be able to handle being housed on a loose substrate with no problems, passing any sand particles that do get ingested safely through their feces. 

After surveying the natural environment of Pogona vitticeps in Australia, Dr. Jonathon Howard found that their natural substrate is composed for the following:

  • 0.3% gravel
  • 1.5% silt
  • 2.3% clay
  • 95.9% fine sand (quartz and iron oxide)

In other words, bearded dragons evolved to thrive on a thick layer of packed Australian red sand. Note that this sand is fine and soft, not coarse and sharp. 

(This information on impaction was compiled with permission from Be sure to bookmark, reference and read ReptiFiles for the complete care for your Bearded Dragon.)

"Arguably the perfect bearded dragon substrate!" - ReptiFiles Rating: 5.0 stars!

10 Pound bag of Australian Desert Dragon Habitat - Substrate from the Natural Home of the Bearded Dragon
20 Pound bag of Australian Desert Dragon Habitat - Substrate from the Natural Home of the Bearded Dragon

Customer Reviews

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"Arguably the perfect bearded dragon substrate!" - ReptiFiles Rating: 5.0 stars!

"Arguably the perfect bearded dragon substrate!" - ReptiFiles Rating: 5.0 stars!

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