Decoration Rock - 018 Large Reptile Hide

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Product Details

  • Dimensions - 12" L X 11.5" W x 6" H
  • Materials - Polyurea
  • Country of Origin - USA

Product Description

The very best reptile hides around are from Universal Rocks and just one look and we think you will agree. This extra large rock hide is molded from an actual rock and looks like the real thing. It's hollow and light weight and an entrance can easily be made from any side by simply cutting out a small area with some tin snips or an electric Dremel tool. 

Also makes an excellent basking spot as well! 

  • Perfect hide for many medium sized snakes and lizards 
  • Ultra realistic, molded from an actual rock and coated with crushed rock.
  • Is weighted down with river stones to make it much harder to move or tip over
  • Also make a great basking spot
  • Safe, non toxic materials
  • Super strong, lightweight construction

Full Description

Most pet reptiles need a place to hide in order to make them feel safe from predators and while your home is quite different from their natural environment, their instincts still remain and so to avoid stressing your new pet, always provide multiple hiding spots. Stress from not providing adequate places to hide can become exhausting for many reptile species and can lead to several issues including weakening their immune system which may leave your pet open to respiratory and other possible infections.

We always recommend to give your pet reptiles multiple hiding places and these artificial rock decorative hides will not only give your pet a great place to hide, they look amazing and will help make your pets habitat something truly special. This extra large reptile hide is made from pet safe materials that will last you a lifetime while providing a hiding spot big enough for many medium python species and most colubrid snakes. Also a great display for bearded dragons, smaller monitors and skinks who may not hide as much but will love to sit upon as they double as a basking rock too.

decoration rock 018 - large reptile hide has lots of detail
decoration rock 018 - large reptile hide from the side
decoration rock 018 - large reptile hide from the side
decoration rock 018 - large reptile hide from the top
decoration rock 018 - large reptile hide from the side shows its height
All of our reptile hides can be cut as shown - 1
All of our reptile hides can be cut as shown - 2

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Awesome reptile hide!

These hides really are the best. No quality issues whatsoever 👍👍

Billy Merganser (US)
Excellent Construction and Quality

Well built and very realistic looking. I scored with a dremel and finished with a utility blade to cut the door in it. Works perfectly.

Oleh Verzunov (UA)

Nobody from my family guessed that those stones are artificial, I think I will order another one

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