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Product Details

  • Provides - The best daytime heating bulbs for reptiles
  • Wattage - 35, 50, 75 and 100 watt lamps 
  • Power Supply - USA 110 volts
  • Country of Origin - United Kingdom

Product Description

The Arcadia Reptile Halogen Heat Lamps make up the backbone of effective heating. They provide strong visible light, IR-A, work well with dimmers and have a longer life than tungsten. This Halogen series by Arcadia are the stand out 'wow' lamps and are the perfect partner for DHP where DHP fills in the missing IR-B to create about the closest representation of natural heat from terrestrial daylight.

    Full Description

    Arcadia Reptile Halogen lamps are bright, inspire natural basking, powerful, quickly warming and IR-A rich. They are all handmade as bespoke in a single partner factory. Halogen lamps are robust and can help lower energy spend per heated enclosure due to their efficient design, highly insulating glass, high quality of reflection and sturdy nature.

    Using a thick tungsten filament encased in a sealed halogen gas tube, halogen lamps simply produce more light and heat than standard lamps. This is then maximized via robust glass (IR Blocking) insulation and impactful reflection. All genuine Arcadia Halogen Flood Heat lamps are suitable for use with good dimming thermostats and it is our strong recommendation that you use good quality thermostats with probes.

    Arcadia halogen heat lamp 100watts
    Arcadia halogen heat lamp 35watts
    Arcadia halogen heat lamp 50watts
    Arcadia halogen heat lamp 75watts

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