Leaf Litter Pulp Mix 4" x 6" Bag - Pick Up Only - Dayton Ohio

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Product Details

  • Size - Available in 3 Quart - 4" x 6" Bags
  • Materials - Natural Leaf Litter
  • Country of Origin - USA

Product Description

The Dude's premium leaf litter pulp mix. Packaged in a 4" x 6" ready to use.

    Full Description

    This may be an assortment of Live oak, willow oak, red oak, large oak blended together into very small pieces. Great for creating quick microbial hotspots in your substrate - also great for DIY mixes as a substrate additive.  

    Harvested and collected in the USA and is guaranteed to be free of pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. 

    Leaf Litter Pulp Mix 4" x 6" Bag
    Leaf Litter Pulp Mix 4" x 6"

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