UVB Riser - Adjustable Height For The Correct UVB Level (Sold in Pairs)

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Product Details

  • Dimensions - 19" Long and 8" Wide (when assembled)
  • Adjustable from 2" to 8" above the screen top
  • Fits most UVB and other reptile light fixtures (not suitable for heating fixtures, domes etc.) 
  • Fits all 3ft and above Maximum Reptile™ Enclosures (not designed for smaller enclosures) 
  • Sold in pairs 
  • Materials - PVC

Product Description

The Maximum Reptile™ UVB riser raises your UVB fixture up above the screen so that your pet reptile can use all of the area inside the enclosure. Makes adjusting for the right UV zone easier by adjusting the lighting fixture, vs raising or lowering the reptiles basking spot.

This unit can be fully contained inside our hoods and spacers, our UVB riser is adjustable from 2 to 8 inches and allows for any brand of UVB fixture and makes placing heat domes and other lighting or heating easier too.

Maximum Reptile - Better by Design™

UVB Riser by Maximum Reptile
UVB Riser assembled with fixture
UVB Riser assembled with fixture 2

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