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*Current Wait Times On Our Enclosures (Updated January 20th)

* ECO-25 Gallon Series Due to high demand and the amazing pricing on these units, there is roughly a 1 to 4 week wait time on new orders 

Now America's best selling all PVC 4 ft. enclosure, our Evolution Series is leading the way with our pet first designs that are safer, give your pet as much as 50% more room and include all the "extras" like proper ventilation, humidity control, door locks and of course our signature screens that allow 77% of UVB through so your pet reptiles can really thrive (and not just survive).   

* Evolution Series 2.0 - America's best selling all PVC enclosure - 8 to 10 Weeks Average Ship Time for our 3 and 4ft Enclosures - Currently Shipping Orders Placed Between November 1st to November 20th

Evolution Series 2.0 - Sustainable ACRE Option - 8 to 10 Weeks Average Ship Time for this option - Currently Shipping Orders Placed Between November 3rd to December 3rd

Due to our unique designs, pet-first all inclusive features and low, factory direct price as well as recent exposure from some of the biggest online influencers (Snake Discovery Review) demand continues to increase for our 4ft. Evolution enclosures and so our lead times are a little longer than usual.   

* Essential Series 2.0 - America's best reptile enclosures made from super strong USA made Aluminum and PVC - 8  Weeks  Average Ship Time - Currently Shipping Orders Placed Between November 19th to December 1st

* Essential Series 2.0 - 8 ft Series - America's best reptile enclosures made from super strong USA made Aluminum and PVC - 7 Weeks Average Ship Time - Currently Shipping Orders Placed Between November 24th to December 4th


 *Current Wait Times On Universal Rocks Décor (Updated January 20th)

We keep a large inventory of Universal Rocks backgrounds, ledges, rocks, logs and other décor but due to high demand, there may be times when your selection is temporarily out of stock. We do receive regular shipments and so if your selection is not available, it won't be long before new stocks arrive and we can ship out any backorders. We thank you for your patience and understanding. 


Please Note: Thanks to the many thousands of wonderful customers who have purchased the very best for their pet reptiles, Custom Reptile Habitats is now one of the largest manufacturer of reptile enclosures in North America and because of this unprecedented demand for our unique, pet first designs, high quality workmanship and unbeatable pricing, our wait times can and do vary from time to time. 

Our goal is always to ship out all orders as soon as possible however, like all manufacturers in the US at this time, our average ship times can be affected by occasional supply chain delays. This includes our suppliers too and while we do try and keep all items in stock, we do run out sometimes and they too may be awaiting supplies and experiencing temporary delays as well. Please call or email us for specific updates if your order is outside of the above, average ship times and again, on behalf of our entire team here at Custom Reptile Habitats, Thank You For Making Our Enclosures Number One! 

 Custom Reptile Habitats is a member of the Better Business Bureau 

BBB Accredited with an A+ Rating

Custom Reptile Habitats is an accredited business with the
highest possible A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau  


Custom Reptile Habitats headquarters, warehouse and manufacturing facilities are located at -

2609 Nordic Road, Dayton, Ohio 45414 USA