Food & Water Bowls for Reptiles - Rock Bowl 011

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Product Details

  • Dimensions - From 12" L x 8" W x 3" H 
  • Materials - Polyurea & Polyurethane
  • Country of Origin - USA

Product Description

With Several sizes to choose from, you will be sure to find the perfect bowl for any habitat size in these great designs from Universal Rocks. Not only will they look great as they are molded from actual rocks, these bowls come in a variety of sizes carefully selected to provide lots of options for the most popular pet reptiles.

  • Perfect for all reptile habitats
  • Several sizes to select from
  • Safe, non toxic materials
  • Super strong, lightweight construction

      Full Description

      Almost every reptile needs a food or water bowl and often, your pet will need both and we have you covered with these stunning and very realistic rock like bowls. Available in several sizes, including some extra large bowls that have been designed for large snakes and monitors, you will be sure to find a size that fits just right and a look to compliment your pets overall habitat design.

      These realistic water bowls are manufactured here in the USA by our friends at Universal Rocks and come in a generous assortment of sizes and shapes. Cast from real rocks and colored with crushed rock and sand, they look great and will never fade over the years of harsh UV lighting.

      These designs will elevate your habitat to the next level while, especially if your are adding some of our realistic reptile backgrounds and other décor.

      In this below video Stuart from Universal Rocks presents and discusses the possibilities of this range of small through large reptile bowls. Note: we recommend, use and only sell the “REPT” option for our food and water bowls as it's more durable and will last considerably longer than the "FOAM" option.

      Reptile Rock Water Bowl - RB-0011
      Reptile Rock Water Bowl - RB-011 - Size
      Reptile Rock Water Bowl - RB-0011 - End
      Reptile Rock Water Bowl - RB-0011 - Side
      Reptile Rock Water Bowl - RB-0011 - End 2
      Reptile Rock Water Bowl - RB-0011 - With Water
      Reptile Rock Water Bowl - RB-0011 - With Water 2

      Customer Reviews

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      Sarah Suta

      This is just the right size for our full grown male ball python and he hasn’t dumped it over! It looks great in our bio active enclosure and has been very easy to clean.

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