Freshwater Grass – Artificial Plants

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Many experienced herpers will tell you that real plants can be an expensive hassle in most reptile habitat designs due to the extreme heat and the risks of adding some plants that can be poisonous for your pets. With artificial plants you eliminate the risk of your pet accidentally eating foliage that could prove harmful while you provide colorful foliage for your pet to climb through and hide in that are not as susceptible to the high heat of your pets habitat.

We carry a nice range of plants that offer various realistic designs, colors and heights that we know you will enjoy adding to your terrarium design. These plants all come with a weighted base which makes them easy to position and they are also extremely high quality to ensure they will last you through years of use, maintenance and cleaning.

Also suitable for freshwater aquariums, this range of realistic artificial plants will help you design an impressive custom habitat whether it’s a sparse desert like set up or a marshy wetland. Designed and manufactured here in the USA by experts who have amassed decades of experience, these artificial plants are simply outstanding and we believe they are the very best on the market today!