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Scroll down to see the video on the Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bars

Product Details

  • Provides full spectrum LED energy for plants and reptiles
  • Dimensions - 4 sizes/strengths available
  • Power Supply - USA 110 volts
  • Country of Origin - United Kingdom 

Product Description

The Arcadia Reptile Jungle Dawn LED BAR is sleek, bold, powerful and able to deliver the energy that is needed to allow plants to grow by increasing visible light levels within terraria. This clever system uses the very latest ‘High OutPut’ LED diodes to create an almighty 130+ lumens per watt. Use a bar on top of a mesh or fit a bar inside of a vivarium.

    Full Description

    The configuration of an LEDs within a lamp is just as important as its spectrum and output in terms of potential plant growth and illuminated area. As with all life, plants are reliant on the quantity and quality of energy that is available to them via a light source. The greater the quantity of light, and over a wide enough area equates to better potential results. A light source of any type can only produce a certain number of photons (parcels/packages of energy) as ‘total light output’. As light travels forwards it starts to spread out to cover a greater area. The further away a lamp is placed, the greater the area is that will be covered with light. This is a sharing or spreading of energy over a target, therefore the measured energy within light becomes weaker the further away a lamp is from the target.

    Plant Growth

    Has very little to do with the overall color of light

    Using a specifically designed exclusive mix of the latest High Output LEDs we have created an LED BAR that projects a vast quantity of light with a very high PAR value over a wide area as a flood. We do not lens our LEDs to make them very bright over a small area, this only creates growth limiting ‘dark-zones’ which are no good at all for creating vibrant planted enclosures or naturally illuminated vivarium’s.

    JungleDawn LED BAR provides a spectrum of light that mimics as closely as possible the visible portion of natural sunlight.

    All life has developed to use the sun’s energy within the whole terrestrial spectrum. It is the balance of this spectrum and its intensity that has become the base requirement of all species.

    We could term unfiltered sunlight as being 100% Bioavailable, any alteration away from the sun is equal to a linear decrease in the % of Bioavailability of that light source.

    Our full-spectrum LED system has an overall color of 6200 Kelvin, well within the accepted range for ‘natural sunlight’ and will work flawlessly with Arcadia Reptile UV lamps to create a crisp natural provision of light for you and your animals.

    Light within the visible portion of the terrestrial spectrum contains the ‘Photosynthetic Active Response Curve’, this is the spectral-curve that causes photosynthesis in terrestrial plants. JungleDawn LED BAR uses the very latest diodes that project all of the visible wavelengths of light from blue to red without using ‘PAR limiting’ separate red and blue diodes. As such the JungleDawn LED BAR has a high percentage of PUR, a high CRI and no non-natural ‘purple hue’. 

    But plants need to be exposed to Blue and Red light to be able to photosynthesize, don’t they?

    Yes they do, plants need to be exposed to every wavelength within the terrestrial electromagnetic spectrum and in natural-balance. Each wavelength is as vital as the next with each delivering suitable energy to a plant and maintaining optimum growth, if the total quantity of light is high enough.

    JungleDawn LEDs produce all of the wavelengths of visible light in natural-balance without using separate colored diodes. In this way each diode is ‘full-spectrum’ within its color, and each provides the correct amount of red and blue within its projection.

    By using the latest full-spectrum diodes we provide a balance of spectrum within a natural overall color without the reduction in quantity of light seen when using separate colored diodes’.

     Arid Systems

    The benefits of using LED’s within arid systems

    Many species of Reptile respond to quantity of light.

    An increase in the quantity of visible light will both inspire natural basking and help to instigate and regulate certain processes within the brain and body.

    We may call this the ‘activation’ of the pineal gland or ‘third eye’.

    Even though UV lamps such as ‘D3+ 12% UV-B and D3+ Dragon 14% UV-B’ are now very accurate and powerful, able to deliver high UV indexes at greater distances, we haven’t been able to provide as much visible light as is thought needed to interact with the pineal gland.

    By using an Arcadia JungleDawn LED BAR we greatly increase visible light levels over the basking zone and allow a basking species to properly experience and interact with light.

    This represents a step forward in both effective and ethical Reptile care.

    Arcadia Jungle Dawn LED Bars
    Arcadia Jungle Dawn 12 Inch LED
    Arcadia Jungle Dawn 18 Inch LED
    Arcadia Jungle Dawn 22 Inch LED
    Arcadia Jungle Dawn 34 Inch LED

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