Small Dragon Skull Reptile Hide

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Sorry - Not Currently Available
Please note: These skulls are not currently in production and at this time, we do not know if they will be made again.

Product Details

  • Dimensions - 19" L X 12" W x 9" H 
  • Materials - Polyurea
  • Country of Origin - USA

Product Details

  • Dimensions - 11" L X 8" W x 4.5" H
  • Materials - Polyurea
  • Country of Origin - USA

Product Description

This small dragon skull hide needs to be seen to truly appreciate its size and detail. The inside of the hide is smooth and roomy and when its time to clean, simply remove and wash.

  • Perfect hide for juvenile to adult leopard geckos, juvenile to adult bearded dragons and many more
  • Ultra realistic design
  • Safe, non toxic materials
  • Super strong, lightweight construction

Full Description

Most pet reptiles need a place to hide in order to make them feel safe from predators and while your home is quite different from their natural environment, their instincts still remain and so to avoid stressing your new pet, always provide multiple hiding spots. Stress from not providing adequate places to hide can become exhausting for many reptile species and can lead to several issues including weakening their immune system which may leave your pet open to respiratory and other possible infections.

We always recommend to give your pet reptiles multiple hiding places and these dragon skull decorative hides will not only give your pet a great place to hide, they look amazing and will help make your pets habitat something truly special. This small dragon skull reptile hide is made from pet safe materials that will last you a lifetime while providing a hiding spot big enough for juvenile to adult leopard geckos, many invertebrates, small lizards and most juvenile colubrid snakes. Also a great display for bearded dragons who may not hide as much but will love to sit upon as they bask and dream of their mythical cousins.

small dragon skull hide with leopard gecko
small dragon skull hide
small dragon skull hide 2
small dragon skull hide top
small dragon skull hide bottom
small dragon skull hide with bearded dragon
small dragon skull hide with corn snake
small dragon skull hide with Mexican black kingsnake

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Allison Huynh

High quality product, the material is easy to clean, and the way it's structured makes it hold warmth and humidity really well. My ball python loves it and so do we.

So realistic

Our hognose snake loves this hide and so do we. The design is for a primitive desert (kind of like Conan the Barbarian) and this does the trick!

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