Installing Custom Backgrounds For Exo Terra And Zoo Med Terrariums

Stuart Dunne, the creator of Universal Rocks lays out a series of Exo Terra and Zoo Med terrariums

In this video tutorial, Stuart Dunne, the creator of Universal Rocks lays out a series of Exo Terra and Zoo Med terrariums while discussing the many options that will help to make your pets habitat something special. 

These new background designs are made from a new high density polyurethane foam that is very rigid and perfect for reptiles to climb on and yet, costs less than many of the flexible backgrounds. Because of this, the installation is a little different and so this first video explains how best to install in your terrarium.


While all Universal Rocks products have been power washed, its always wise to wash them before permanently installing into your pets new habitat. They can also be trimmed to fit perfectly if needed and Stuart shows how best to get a straight cut. Note: Always measure and trim your background to size before positioning into your enclosure. Never force a background into place or it may break. Once washed and trimmed its time to position the background into the terrarium and for that perfect look, touch up the edges with crushed rock and silicon. To avoid the risk of your reptiles getting behind the background, 


Customizing Your New Background

Now that you know how best to install your new background, this second video shows you how to customize it and even install a waterfall to make a truly special tropical habitat.


Custom Reptile Habitats has been a proud distributor of Universal Rocks products since 2016 and over the years we have incorporated their amazing artificial, yet super realistic decor and backgrounds into our reptile habitat designs. Today, we offer Universal Rocks products for the smallest terrarium to some of the most high profile reptile zoos around.  

Now that you know how easy it is to customize and install these amazing terrarium backgrounds, you can take your pet reptile or amphibians habitat to the next level with a zoo quality exhibit. You will enjoy your terrarium more and your pets are going to love it!

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Decorated Exo Terra 36 x 18 Background – FOAM by Universal Rocks