Waterfalls & Misters for Reptiles & Amphibians

Misters and Humidity Control for Reptiles & Amphibians

Many reptile and amphibian species require high humidity and some will only drink droplets from a misting system which also replicates rainfall. Over the years MistKing has built the reputation of the very best in class and now in its 4th generation, their commitment to great products and service is unsurpassed. From the powerful yet super quiet misting pump to the super fine, non drip nozzles, you and your pets will benefit from using a MistKing misting system.

If your serious about keeping tropical reptiles and amphibians, then an automatic misting system is a must and the MistKing brand is the leader in quality misting systems. Trusted by Zoos, Botanical Gardens, Institutions and Hobbyists around the world for a very good reason, MistKing works!