Reptile Décor Kits

Reptile Décor Kits

Our décor kits will transform your plain glass tank, wood or PVC enclosure into a zoo quality exhibit that will not only look great, it will provide a more functional habitat too as your reptile and amphibian pets will have places to climb on and explore, just as they would in the wild.

No longer do you have to settle for reptile décor that looks cheap and in many cases won’t last. Our reptile décor kits will last you many years of use and will greatly add environmental enrichment to your pets mini environment as they climb on the backgrounds to hunt and explore. The artificial rocks and logs have to be seen to be believed and make great hides too and provide the perfect height for to bask on as well. Our plants are also of the highest quality and look amazingly realistic and are not only fire proof, they don’t have any harsh chemicals on them as with some cheap plastic plants.  

Why spend hours or even days spraying, cutting, molding foam, gluing on substrates and bark trying to build a background yourself when in many cases, they never look as good as our backgrounds. In just minutes, you can easily install one of our décor kits in your pet reptile or amphibians enclosure that will quickly transform into a beautiful vivarium that you can be proud of and will greatly improve your pets home visually and functionally.

Easy to do yourself kit instructions here

Here's what others are saying about our décor kits:

"The market has needed a décor kit for so long, and Custom Reptile Habitats is doing it right, making beautiful, enriched reptile enclosures a reality for those of us who are a little (or a lot) challenged when it comes to enclosure design aesthetics...This kit is GORGEOUS. It really transforms a reptile enclosure into a stunning, zoo-exhibit quality centerpiece that could be easily displayed in your front room as part of your home décor."

ReptiFiles Rating: 5.0 stars!