Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions not listed in the the above FAQ section, you can easily email one of our customer service representatives.

We monitor our emails and usually reply within the same business day.

It is our goal to ship out all orders as soon as possible and for products that are in stock, we can usually ship the same day. For our enclosures and complete reptile kits, which are made to order, we have listed approximate ship times on each product page and specific ship dates and updates on our Contact Us page

Due to the transportation costs, at this time we are just shipping throughout the USA, Canada and The United Kingdom.

Yes, you will receive an auto reply confirming your order details when you first place your order. If not, please check your spam folder and also promotions tab for Gmail customers. We will also send out the tracking information when your order is shipped so that you can see what day it's due to be delivered to your address.

Yes, often we can change or modify your order as long as you contact us before your order ships.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee that covers damages in transit and faulty workmanship. Please see individual products for details or contact us if you still have any questions or concerns. 

Our physical address is: 2609 Nordic Road, Dayton, Ohio 45414 and we are on the Eastern Standard Time Zone (EST) but ship from several warehouses across the USA. 

We are remodeling our store area in near future and when we do, will be allocating space for a showroom and research area. Also, for our local and nearby customers, you are now able to save on shipping costs by selecting "Pick up" while placing your order which will enable to you pick up directly from our Dayton, Ohio location, once your order is complete. 

For orders directly through this site you will see either: "CustomRepti" or "CustomReptileHabita" on your credit card statement. 

While we specialize in providing the very best enclosures, backgrounds, decor and complete reptile kits, we often get questions asking where are the best places to purchase ongoing supplies and so we have compiled a list of online stores sell the various reptile supplies that we use and recommend - Click here for details

Yes, we have compiled basic care sheets for some of the most popular pet reptiles. You can see the list by Clicking here 

This page we has the list of instructions and tips: Click Here

You could but we don't think you should. This afterthought is due to "breeder standard" designs of the past and is dangerous, ineffective and looks terrible as well. Instead of following the flock, we are continually innovating new designs that work better and safer for your pet reptiles - Click Here For Details    

Yes you can however, all of our enclosures are designed for more advanced heating methods as in an Arcadia Deep Heat Projector. This method provides a far superior heat source than under tank heaters, ceramic heat emitters, heat tape and radiant heat panels that only provide a minimal level of energy that can actually be used by reptiles. 

It is for this reason that we encourage our customers to move away from this old technology and towards the safer, more effective overhead heating that will actually benefit your pet reptiles health and wellbeing in the heating process.   

No. We are pro breeder (no breeders = no pets = no industry) but have absolutely zero interest in this small segment of the reptile business. Reptile breeders in the USA represent less than 1% (.75% to be exact) of all reptile keepers and the industrialized care in this commercial setting has very little to do with the other 99.75% of reptile keepers that today, are striving towards better long term care of their beloved pets. This is why we have chosen to focus our business model towards better reptile care and advancing reptile keeping and not on the over saturated reptile breeding side.  

Yes, as some of our larger doors are either Acrylic or Polycarbonate we now have the option to send you the dimensions before your enclosure ships out. This way you can have your glass doors made and ready for your enclosure when it arrives.