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The Reptile Tank in Perth, Western Australia - 1976

As lifelong reptile enthusiasts, we love keeping these amazing pets and designing and setting up beautiful, unique habitats for our reptilian pets to thrive in and for us to watch, study and enjoy.

From our early days collecting frogs in the creek to building outdoor exhibits to house a collection of Shingleback Skinks or "Bobbies" as we called them, we have always been committed to providing a great habitat for reptiles to live in. Eventually, we progressed to keeping Pythons before moving to the USA where we have kept a more extensive list of species and have worked with some of the biggest names in the reptile business.

Photo: The Reptile Tank - Perth, Western Australia - 1976

Watch the worlds foremost reptile advocate, Brian Barczyk building his new Reptile Prime™ zoo quality habitats which will be available here very soon.

Stay tuned for details on these revolutionary new designs which will also include smaller habitats for Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos, Ball Pythons, Colubrid Snakes, Arboreal Snakes and Lizards as well as Water Turtles and Land Tortoises.

Also available soon from Reptile Prime™, large habitats for the biggest snakes, monitors and more that can be custom installed into any home or office that are sure to give your family, friends or customers that WOW impression as they admire your reptilian pets in a world class, zoo quality exhibit.

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See all of our products here and browse the various terrariums, realistic backgrounds and habitat décor that will make your pet's habitat truly unique.

Habitat Décor

Necessary for most reptile species, habitat décor gives your pet a place to hide and to climb on which helps them to regulate their temperature as well.

Habitats and Enclosures

Our reptile habitats and enclosures not only include a wide range of unique wood and plastic terrariums, we also sell steel enclosures too.

Realistic Backgrounds

Transform that boring old glass tank with a three dimensional, realistic backdrop that will also provide your pet with something to climb and rub against.


Provide a pace for your tropical reptile or amphibian pets to bath while also adding the necessary humidity to their habitats as well.


It all starts with the right size terrarium for your reptile or amphibian pets and our amazing "Zoo quality" terrariums are available in multiple sizes.

Artificial Plants

Easy to maintain as well as clean and wash, our artificial plants have amazing detail and provide you with unlimited design options for your terrarium.

Artificial Rocks

Incredibly realistic and lightweight, yet safer for your reptiles to climb on and rub against, our artificial rocks are available in many shapes, colors and sizes.


Show off your own custom habitat with one of our amazing stands that include unique designs that look like a real cypress or oak tree trunk.

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