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Amazing products!

I’ve bought several of the smaller ready to ship models, as well as the 4x2x2’s. All of which have been great products, far better than other PVC vendors I’ve purchased from in the past. Keep it up as I plan on ordering more in the future!

Great customer service

I ordered an evolution 2.0 tank with the cover hood for my young corn snake. It took a little while to be delivered due to the material delay, but the customer service was very responsive and very helpful with updating me on wait times and progress. The tank looks great and it was easy to put together! The temperature and humidity gauge made it so much easier to keep the internal environment perfect. Should I need another tank in the future I will definitely be ordering from here again.

Well made and easy to assemble!

Essential 3 Vertical PVC & Aluminum Enclosure - 24 L x 24 W x 36 H

I picked the acre panel upgrade and the clear substrate lip option. Worth every extra penny. The panel upgrade allowed me to stain the outside to match my furniture. The clear substrate lip allows me to watch the isopods and springtails. My cresties love the extra space. I love it!

Tree Stump 004

Heavier than what I thought it was going to be but it looks good in the enclosure. So realistic.


It's an Amazing USA MADE 4x2x2 PVC Enclosure Well made and very stout and EASY ASSEMBLING With SIMPLE INSTRUCTIONS only took 10-20 mins to put together recommend buying for anyone with the space for it! Very Impressive Quality-- Other Companies/ Competitors Can Not Compete with these
Amazing Products!
Thank You Custom Reptile Habitats!!! :)

Everything went together without any issues. Our beardie is loving his new home.

Great Craftsmanship

The wait was well worth the time. My ball python loves his home. The craftsmanship is second to none. The customer service was amazing and they answered any and all my questions and inquiries. Thank you!

Great new tank

3 month wait for shipment, but very happy with the end product. Easy to put together, looks great, and a much happier snake.

Exactly what I expected

It’s a beautiful, high-quality background, and I couldn’t be happier with it!

Not enough ventilation

Nice quality, no sharp edges. Easy to put together. Does have a large scratch on the back. Needs way more ventilation for the tank without the mesh. The mesh would have been to much ventilation for the high humidity I need so I opted for the one without. However the one without the screen has practically no ventilation so now I need to add my own.

Evolution 4 PVC Enclosure 2.0 - 48 L x 24 W x 24 H

Built in the USA and Built to Last

When I began to look for an enclosure, I called a few places. I ended up choosing this 6'x2'x3' from custom reptiles based upon the friendly service rep who took the time to answer all my questions. She also continued to answer all my questions I asked while waiting thr four weeks to ship. I choose the ACRE panels as it looked more like wood furniture that could be stained to match our decor. The steel frams is really sturdy and can support several hundred pounds with ease. Even though I was not given the correct assembly instuction (received the 3 or 4 foot) I was able to figure it out very easily. Strongly reccomend a rubber mallet as it will make pounding in the peices easy and without damaging the material. Overall it took me about 2 hours by myself to assemble the enclosure, stand and light cover. After that you will still have to wait 24-48 for the silcon to cure and vapors gone before placing a reptile in.
Pro's: Light weight, good looking, sturdy, holds heat and humidity extremly well, water proof, pre cut templete for heat lamps, UVB lamps and plant lamps.
Con's: Needs better instuctions for less experienced home doers, no door handles, lock tends to scratch doors. I wish they also had an option or upgrade to glass instead of the plexiglass. Long lead time.

Perfect for my ball python! This will be my go-to brand for all of my reptiles. Super easy to assemble with great versatility.

So much better than I thought it would be. Definitely getting some more

Great professional looking enclosure

While the wait time was grueling, I finally received my Evolution 4, and it was worth the wait. Very clean and professional looking enclosure (once I got it put together correctly - sorry, support team…). Very sturdy, and already noticing a huge improvement in humidity and temp control vs. my former glass enclosure. Will definitely consider ordering again in the future.

6ft terrarium

Beardie loves the extra room, very well made and easy to put together, 2 hrs

Top a little flimsy, sags

It maybe because I got the screen top but the top panel seems thin and the top sags some. This cage doesn’t come with a center door brace like other brands (front doors meet in middle) so this could be also part of issue. Notice when put lights on top. Otherwise nice cage but worry if will deform more or if cat lands on top!

Thanks Tina and as its built with 1/2' PVC this design won't need a center brace and it won't sag :-)


I love my enclosure. It did take alittle to long to get, 19 weeks. Customer service was amazing.

4x2x2 PVC

Material good. Options are nice. Hope you can find help for backlogs. Happy camper.

Essential 4 PVC & Aluminum Enclosure 2.0 - 48 L x 24 W x 24 H

Evolution 4 PVC Enclosure 2.0 - 48 L x 24 W x 24 H

6 feet black terrarium

The product and customer service are superb. Very easy to assemble. Love those precut places for lights. Very happy with this new house for my ball python girl. She can now stretch and roam freely.

6 feet black terrarium and water bowl.

The product and customer service are superb. Very happy with new house for my ball python girl. She can now stretch and roam freely. She can also submerge entirely as needed in her new water bowl.

Excellent Enclosure

Great quality. Easy to assemble. Well worth the money!