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Great Upgrade

Great upgrade to our terrarium order. When we decided to move our Beardy into a larger enclosure, we wanted to go with a bioactive substrate. The 7" ensure we have enough depth to plant live foliage. Glad we made the decision.

It’s great! Very realistic

Easy to put together. Nice and spacious. Our bearded dragon loves his new home!

Awesome as always

These enclosures and backgrounds are top notch. There’s really nothing better out there in my opinion and as with my first enclosure, I couldn’t be happier with these new 4ft ones. Customer service is outstanding. I recommend you to everyone.

Bang for your Buck

Very satisfied with the quality of the enclosures! It's important to note that these enclosures are offered at such a competitive price because they're made from excess material. "MW" did a great job with pre-assembly, having all of the panels line up flush or within about a 16th of an inch or better. Quality is definitely not sacrificed in the slightest, you wont be able to find a better quality enclosure for the price. I purchased 6 in total, and will be buying more in the future.

It came broken

Not sure if it happened during shipping or if it was FedEx because the package on the outside was damaged and which in result caused the right top conner of the home to be unstable I fix it by drilling a screw into it otherwise it good

Sorry to hear that it was damaged in transit Hector. Every order is fully insured and we would have quickly replaced it if you had have let us know :-)

Very good

Thanks again. My green tree python is very happy.

River Stone Clusters for hides!

Excellent service from Custom Reptile Habitats and my reptiles love the new great looking hides I made out of the River Stone Clusters (six all with a different size and look). Thanks so much!

The best

Absolutely love the sturdiness and look of this enclosure. Just added the sides and background and it looks amazing. So much better than the standard glass enclosures.

Worth the wait

Waiting 3 months for this tank was definitely nail biting, but 100% worth it! Super easy to put together, and fit perfectly in the space I had her other tank in. Thank you!

Beautiful Enclosure! 4x2 Evo 4 Acre

Overall this enclosure is very sleek. The sustainable wood was a good choice. I was a bit worried about the flexibility in the slats when assembling at first, but when once it's all put together it is really sturdy. The glass door upgrade was also a good choice. I had to build my own stand being that it is very hard to find a 4x2 enclosure stand out there. Very happy with this purchase!

Great addition!

Doors are sleek and sturdy. Glad I got the upgrade.

It is a great material, my only recommendation is when people order this product be sure to explain in the instructions that the rubber seal is not included as the panels are thick enough. Saves on a phone call to customer service. Also explanations on installing the door lock.

Love it

Nice looking enclosure, simple to put together.
Came exactly at the “ lead time” length posted on website.

Essential 4 PVC & Aluminum Enclosure 2.0 - 48 L x 24 W x 24 H


The 4×2×2 Evo 4 ACRE enclosure with the background and sides kit is exactly what I was hoping for. Good quality materials and a realistic look to the rocks really made this build stand out. It was a fun project to work on, and I had no problems with it. The wait time for everything was long, but well worth it.

Beautifully Designed


Love the enclosure, works great for my gargoyle gecko

ECO-25 Gallon PVC Enclosures

Beautiful and well made

I looked at so many enclosures before choosing this one. It’s biggest selling point for me was the screen top to allow for more airflow and to place lighting on top vs hanging it inside.

The enclosure is beautiful and feels very well made. It was pretty easy to put together, including installing the background.

I would easily recommend this to friends.

First cage not the last one

Best cage I got for my ball python 10/10, good quality all part fit perfectly, extremely simple to assemble. Took more than 8 weeks while to receive it. However, I live in Canada.

Love this enclosure

Super sleek, very easy to put together. And it looks gorgeous, my dragon loves it.

I did notice that since i have it on a metal rack with wood shelves, the raised edges of the rack indented on the acre panels in some areas. Doesn’t affect the tank, and it’s not noticble unless you look for it! Love it overall!

Very happy with enclosure.

It went together well, feels very sturdy, and looks good too.


Great little enclosure

A Steal At $99

The subject says it all, except I paid extra for the top vent (which is still a good deal for this general quality).

I got this for my still very young male hognose. It is relatively fun to assemble and very sturdy. It also retains heat very well. I will say, at this size, you will struggle to get any sufficient heat gradient placing a light on top flat. I have to use a clamp lamp that has a bendable arm and point the beam at the back corner. It's a hognose, though and doesn't require a strong gradient. There's plenty of space for a him to burrow and swim around. If your animal thrives at room temps, the $99 version is perfection.

The only thing that could make this one better is if they put a hole/conduit thing on one side for a thermostat wire. As you can see, I went a little nuts with the deco, but you can see how much room a seven month old hognose has.