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Great enclosure!

This enclosure was well worth the wait. I’ve had it several weeks now and I’m completely satisfied! When I got in touch with them to enquire about my delivery time, they were prompt in answering and very helpful. I would highly recommend ordering from Custom Reptile Habitats. The quality is top notch, customer service is great, and, it’s American made!

This enclosure is really great quality! Very sturdy, with lots of room for enrichment and decorations. The built-in hood space is very cleverly designed and I love that it's internal so that I can put my garter snake enclosure right on top of it. Only thing to be aware of is that it takes a bit for them to get built and shipped (I got mine in about 4 months). However, the quality, design, and great customer service make these enclosures worth the wait! I'd definitely buy another if I'm ever in the market for one!

Great enclosure!

I bought this for my male hognose snake. I have the 4x2x2 for my ball python and this smaller size is perfect. The hinged doors are secure and close tight so no potential escapes. The enclosure was so easy to put together. Still waiting on the spacer hood so I can stack them.

Clean, revolutionary design

Great enclosure, holds humidity so much better than my last. Fairly easy to put together too! Having the lights inside looks so much cleaner and saves space up top. Only complaint is it literally took 5 months to come in when the original estimate was like 6-8 weeks. Backorders do happen- but I had to reach out first on multiple occasions as there was zero communication about delays.

Thanks for your order and review Elania (your setup looks great too :-), and sorry for the longer than expecting delay in getting your order completed. We have been extremely busy with this we design and blew through our first shipments of this new material, and have had some delays but are expecting our lead times to come back down again during the quieter summer months.

Exactly as expected

It was very easy to put together, parts lined up very well, and it is perfect!

ECO-25 Gallon PVC Enclosure
Connor Millett (US)
Loved it

Good construction and couldn’t beat the price

Perfect baby enclosure!

This is my second one and it’s perfect! Great value!

Great enclosure!!

Took awhile to ship but worth the wait. Easy to put together!

Awesome enclosure at a great value

This took a little longer to get than I expected, but the quality is tops. Very easy to put together and everything was a precision fit. I was a little concerned with heat distribution, but it seems to be regulating and settling great with just a DHP in the box. I’m currently maintaining a 75-88 heat gradient from wall to wall and because of the design, ambient humidity is fantastic. Well worth the wait!

Its a rock!

This is not my first purchase from CRH, as usual very good quality, looks a feels like a real rock, bought this one for my bearded dragon.


Easy to assemble. Big and sturdy.
The snake has a better enclosure than I have in a house!

Awsome Rocks

I can't believe how real and natural these look !!! Definitely worth the price

ECO-25 Gallon PVC Enclosure
Michaela Petrello (US)
Good quality and quick shipping!

These enclosures are good quality! There were some small scuffs and dents which was expected based on the description, but I really like that they make these out of scrap pieces to reduce waste! My only complaint is that the ventilation is practically nonexistent (especially if you get substrate shields). I ended up having to drill holes in the sides to put in vent inserts because a few tiny holes is not nearly enough.

Great enclosure at an affordable price!

I preordered the SES 4x2x2 enclosure before my daughter ever got her ball python because I knew that we would eventually need an enclosure of this size. We wound up getting a young ball python that we housed in a smaller enclosure while we waited for this one to be ready.

The quality of this enclosure is great! My husband built it and was surprised by how heavy the boxes were, but it didn’t take him long to get it put together. His only complaint was that one part of the instructions was unclear, but he figured it out without too much hassle. I really appreciate the setup for the lighting…it’s large enough to hold different heat and light sources and I love that it doesn’t have a screen top that would need covered. We did have to upgrade our CHE, but that was to be expected with a larger enclosure. After a slight learning curve, we’ve been able to maintain heat and humidity with minimal effort. I would definitely consider getting another one of these enclosures for another pet!

Awesome reptile hide!

These hides really are the best. No quality issues whatsoever 👍👍

Happy Snake, Happy Home

Easy to assemble and generally light enough to lift on your own, this is fantastic at keeping the humidity up for my ball python.

This bowl is AMAZING!

I have 7 Whites Treefrogs and needed a large bowl that wasn't heavy. This bowl was perfect and is so realistic! Love it and will purchase again from here.

Solid cages and amazing customer service.

Cages are solid and easy to put together. So far we have been very happy with them and so have our snakes! One piece to one of our enclosures came broken but then had a replacement mailed and at our door within two days.

ECO-40 Gallon PVC Enclosure
Donald Ruple (US)
Nice enclosure

It's a very nice enclosure I wish I would have gotten the solid top for my ball python. I changed my order to the screen top so I'm using it for one of my bearded dragons. It's very easy to put together.

ECO-40 Gallon PVC Enclosure
Eco 40

Assembly was easy, looks good, just wish it came with some pre-made prob holes.

ECO-40 Gallon PVC Enclosure
Aaron VanderKaay (US)

It is a very well built cage. Looks good for my corn snake.

wonderful enclosure

does everything i need and more! i will be picking up another for my other boa once he’s a bit older.

Complete Ball Python Kits
Michael Bruneio (US)
Great Enclosure, Long Wait times

I purchased the complete Ball Python kit, along with the hood, and it took about 4 months to get it. That's too long. Having said that, I have nothing but good things to say about the enclosure and the kit items themselves. The 4x2x2 enclosure holds heat and humidity *very* well, was super easy to assemble, and is quite sturdy. Cleaning is a breeze, too! I love the hood and the cutouts for the lamps. The kit comes with 3 lamps which each provide a different but beneficial heat/light source. The items in the kit are all high-quality and continue to perform well. The only thing I would change is offering another substrate instead of BioDude's Terra Firma. It's a good product, but I found it much messier to work with. Since it came with the kit, I used it for a while but replaced it with my preferred substrate, Forest Floor. Once I dialed in the perfect temperature and humidity settings, it simply has become a matter of spot cleaning and adding water to the substrate. Most importantly, my snake loves it! Since she was placed in her new home, "Oreo" is more active, basks often, and went back to a regular eating schedule. I would highly recommend this kit and enclosure (make sure you get the hood, it's well worth it) to anyone looking to take the best care of their ball python that they can. And their Customer Service is great, too.

Amazing enclosure!!

The maximum enclosure I ordered was so easy to assemble! It has a gorgeous smooth design and is so lightweight. Thank you!!

ECO-40 Gallon PVC Enclosure
Kimberly Woelky (US)

I was super impressed with not only how quickly this shipped and arrived at my door, but the quality is excellent. We're first time reptile owners and I was looking for a PVC enclosure for our juvenile corn snake. This is the perfect enclosure for her to grow into and out of, and I will definitely use custom reptile habitat enclosures for all our needs. The assembly was super easy and the product itself was packed really well.