SES - Series 4 PVC Enclosure - 48 L x 24 W x 24 H

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Ordering: Our enclosures are made to order so please allow a little time for your order be manufactured and prepared for shipping. Custom PVC colors and other customizations may take a little longer and as they are one of a kind, made just for you, custom orders cannot be cancelled once placed.

Please check current wait times before you place your order, so that you can plan for its arrival. Our current enclosure ship times can always be found Here On Our Contact Us Page 
Feel free to call or email us at anytime for an update as we work on a first come, first serve basis and ship times constantly vary, depending on demand, promotions and seasonality. 


What is the S.E.S. Series?

Incorporating the Science of the vastly superior lighting set ups that come from basking lights that provide full spectrum lighting (including UVB light). The Ethics of the current recommendations on enrichment, to allow the animals to display their natural behavior. Plus, the pet industry Standards recommending that a snake must be housed in an enclosure that is at least large enough to allow for the length of a snake, using a length plus width formula, our new enclosure series is called S.E.S., which incorporates Science, Ethics and Standards. - More Details Here 

Product Details 

  • External Dimensions - 48" L x 23.5" W x 23.5" H
  • External Space - 120 Gallons
  • Internal Dimensions - 47" L x 22" W x 22.5" H (Less internal hood)
  • Internal Space - 100.71 Gallons (less internal hood)
  • Internal Floor Space - 7.02 Square Feet
  • Aluminum Screen Top Area - 19" L x 11" W
  • Enclosure Weight - 70 Pounds
  • Meets Pet Industry Standards
  • Standard 1/4 Inch Acrylic Doors
  • Materials - PVC
  • Country of Origin - Manufactured in Ohio from Imported PVC
  • Unobstructed Front View
  • Even Stronger 1 Inch Thick Front Support for Stacking  
  • Optional Bioactive 7 Inch Substrate Lip Option
  • Optional Sliding Door Security Upgrade (for Standard Acrylic Doors)
  • Optional Tempered Glass Doors Upgrade


  • Progressive design – Puts your pets needs first with our unique heating and lighting compartment and our unique ventilation system under and above the front doors 
  • 1/2" PVC construction – The preferred choice for reptile enclosures. Holds high humidity and will never break, rot or catch fire
  • This PVC has a glossy finish which easily wipes clean and is more durable
  • Safe for lizards AND snakes – No dangerous lights inside that can burn curious reptiles. Features a clear window in front of the lights for easy replacement of the bulbs and tubes. Also, prevents inquisitive snakes from getting inside the internal hood.  
  • Aluminum screen with lots of airflow – Lets 77% of UVB inside (some screens block as much as 50%)
  • Ventilation system for better airflow will help to keep your reptiles healthier
  • Whisper quiet, sliding Abrasion and UV Resistant 1/4 inch Acrylic doors – Enjoy safety and clarity for many years to come.
  • Upgradable 3 1/4 Inch deep base – Allows for bioactive setups with real plants
  • Includes keyed lock  – Prevents accidental escapes
  • This enclosure comes semi-assembled and packs flat to save on shipping costs. The assembly is easy to do and takes just minutes to complete - Click Here for Details
  • Super strong design – Stacks up to 4 high without the need for spacers
  • Manufactured in Ohio – Built up to a standard, not down to a price

Product Description

Our S.E.S. series is specifically targeted at both the pet keeper, and small batch breeder that will have an advantage within the very competitive niche, by providing proper lighting and an ethically sized, enriched enclosure that meets current pet industry standards.

  • Perfect for Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes, Hognose and Kingsnakes and other medium sizes reptiles
  • Superior, water resistant, PVC ensures this enclosure will never break, catch fire or rot
  • Internal hood design for your lighting and heating system. Will fit 2 large 8" domes and a 2ft linear UVB fixture as well
  • The height under the screen is 12" allowing for proper UVB levels
  • The front vents run under the front doors and allow more airflow and when used in higher humidity setups, will greatly reduce or even eliminate fogging up the viewing area 
  • Easy access sliding doors for perfect viewing and no-hassle cleaning
  • 10 year warranty on all Maximum Reptile™ enclosures and accessories

Full Description

Frustrated with current, commercially available reptile cages, our brand Maximum Reptile™ offers much more than the minimum size required for reptiles. We believe that pet reptiles deserve a great habitat in which to live and thrive in and so instead of just accepting what's available, Maximum Reptile™ has created a stunning range of enclosures that are not only designed with your reptiles needs in mind, their attractive, stylish designs will look great in in your home too.

Made in the USA from the highest quality materials available, these superior enclosures not only look great, they are carefully designed with your pet reptiles needs first and foremost. Maximum Reptile™ enclosures are built up to a standard, not down to a price and not only have multiple accessories so that you can cover the top with our custom hood, you can stack them too by using our spacers or, by stacking on top of our original terrarium stands.

We have been designing and building reptile habitats for over 45 years now and in recent years, have been involved in several commercial setups as well as our own enclosures too. Because of our vast manufacturing background, and our commitment to always offering our customers the very best products, we know you will love the new Maximum Reptile™ range of superior reptile enclosures, realistic backgrounds, décor and accessories. 

SES-Series-4-Internal Hood
This unique design features a clear front sliding door for easy front access to the lighting units

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Gary Phelps (Gilbert, US)
Great product

Still in setup phase, but impressed with the quality. Everything was very well packaged, and arrived in excellent condition. Can't wait to get the setup finished and move our Ball Python in, she is going to love the upgrade from an 40gal glass enclosure.

Nicholas Judson (Lakewood, US)
Wow, I'm impressed

Super easy to assemble with just a screwdriver and all the precise cut parts fit together without any sloppiness. Making stackable pvc with a light cage inside is just genius.

Rhiannon Kaulitzke (Denver, US)

Easy to assemble, exactly what I was expecting.

Jim (New York, US)
Blown Away

I was blown away by this enclosure. I bought two of these for my two ball pythons. I had it shipped and the packaging was perfect. The quality of this enclosure is top notch. I love the internal heating compartment. This is a new design and the only thing that I would have liked to have seen would be "front/back/inside/outside" labels on the interior wall of the heating and lighting compartment and screen. Just make sure the two magnets are facing the front and lined up the magnets on the plexiglass door. I ended up having to redo that section. Other than that, the directions were spot on and it went together really smoothly.

Thanks' for your order and thanks for the tip. We have discussed a directional label there and will look into it.

Jeffrey Froschauer (Boardman, US)
Sturdy Enclosure

The enclosure is now to me but seems sturdy. It arrived with multiple damaged parts which were mostly cosmetic but were significant enough not to warrant more than an average review.

Many thanks for your order and sorry that some of the parts were damaged in transit.
While shipping damages are beyond our control, we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and of course everything that we sell is fully insured. I see that we did offer you replacement parts however, you chose to keep the parts with the cosmetic damage and receive a 10% discount for the inconvenience.

Again, we are sorry that your shipment sustained some damage and we thank you again for your order.

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