We stock a full range of live Insect Feeders for Reptiles

Live Insect Feeders for Reptiles

Grand Opening Special - Live Feeder Insects at up to 57% Off - from Now Until our Grand Opening!

We are Dayton's new leader in live insect feeders for reptiles and amphibians. 

For the best range of live feeders for your pet reptiles, we are now stocking a full range of Dubia Roaches, Mealworms, Superworms, Hornworms and Waxworms. Crickets are available here too very soon! - we are also about to begin offering a full range of live crickets including bulk quantities, and at very economical prices.

Always Low PricesThe price for reptile feeder insects can vary a lot between retailers, as does the availability and that is why we are now offering a full line of reptile feeder insects including of course the very popular Dubia Roach. Dubia's have long been a favorite for millions of reptile keepers due to their very high protein content, and low fat composition.

Always AvailableWe understand the frustration of having to go to multiple stores when your pet reptile needs to eat and your usual supplier is out of stock... again. We make sure that we have plenty of live insect choices in stock by receiving multiple shipments each week when needed.  

Always FreshWhy wait days for online orders to arrive, or the possibility of a box full of dead bugs when you can just pick them up as you need them, and because of our Always Fresh Guaranty, we offer the best value around for Dubia Roach's in the area.   

Available For Pick Up Only From Our Dayton, Ohio Showroom

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