Live Insects and Frozen Reptile Food is available from our Dayton, Ohio Showroom

Live Insects and Frozen Reptile Food

Grand Opening Special - Live Feeder Insects at up to 57% Off - from Now Until our Grand Opening!

 We are Dayton's new leader in live insect and frozen feeders for reptiles and amphibians. 

For the best range of live feeders for your pet reptiles, we are now stocking a full range of Dubia Roaches, Mealworms, Superworms, Hornworms and Waxworms. Crickets are available here too very soon! - we are also about to begin offering a full range of live crickets including bulk quantities, and at very economical prices.

For our local customers needing frozen reptile food, we now carry a full range of sizes from pinkie mice to medium rats.

Available For Pick Up Only From Our Dayton, Ohio Showroom

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