Reptile Lighting & Heating

Reptile Lighting & Heating

 The life support system for reptile habitats, your lighting and heating setup is one of the most important aspects of keeping reptiles healthy and active. We have selected the very best products available from the World's leading producers of full spectrum reptile lighting and heating. For help in selecting the correct lighting for your reptile, Click Here 

While we specialize in providing the very best enclosures, backgrounds, decor and complete reptile kits, we often get questions asking where are the best places to purchase Arcadia lighting for reptiles and amphibians.

The below online store is who we use and recommend for Arcadia replacement bulbs & accessories. They first introduced the Arcadia brand to the USA and are experts in lighting and heating reptiles: 

Lighting & Heating - 

Light Your Reptiles - Founded on one simple idea: To bring the best in full spectrum lighting products to the herpetological community.

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