Substrates for Reptiles and Amphibians

Substrates for Reptiles

Whether you're wanting a naturalistic or simplistic terrarium, your selection of what your pet reptiles habitat is lined with is extremely important. Substrates help in multiple ways to maintain humidity, facilitate waste collection and removal, promote plant growth and to help eliminate stress by allowing for natural behaviors like digging and hiding. 

We Carry a Full Range of The Bio Dude™ Substrates and Biodegradables

The Bio Dude

The Bio Dude™ - Bioactive Substrates and Biodegradables

With a passion for making his animal enclosures as perfect as their wild habitats, Josh Halter, a.k.a. The Dude created The Bio Dude™, the leader in bioactive setups for reptiles and amphibians. While bioactive terrariums/vivarium's are nothing new, The Bio Dude has made this intricate process as simple as possible with their large range of quality products and species specific kits that are designed to help enthusiasts to be successful with their bioactive setups and their pets healthier and happier. The benefits of a well designed bioactive habitat will provide you with a self-cleaning, self-sustaining mini ecosystem that will also enrich your pets lives in countless ways. We are proud to be an official distributor for The Bio Dude and invite you to discover what bioactive can do for you and your pet reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates today! 

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