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Product Details

  • Size - Available in 6 Quart Bags
  • Materials - Natural Substrate
  • Country of Origin - USA

Product Description

The BioDudes handcrafted bioactive substrate for reptiles such as bearded dragons, uromastyx, leopard geckos, and other desert dwelling reptiles.

    Full Description

    This substrate is specifically designed for biomes that can get very dry and arid, but occasionally have minor humidity spikes. Terra Sahara, a one of a kind substrate is designed to hold the perfect amount of water while allowing for evaporation, preventing anaerobic bacteria growth, which is a common issue in desert terraria. Terra Sahara also retains all burrows and hides. I have found this substrate brings out many of the instinctual niches that many desert animals do in their daily life. Not only does it hold a burrow, it also holds a complete tunnel when the moisture content is held at 25%-40%. Terra Sahara provides excellent organic nutrition for your vivarium by creating necessary air pockets for root development and plant health. These air pockets are also necessary for the springtails and isopods to create a sustainable population in the vivarium. 

    Note: One large bag of this substrate weighs roughly 8 lbs.

    There is no drainage layer needed for the Terra Sahara.

    What about Impaction?

    Contrary to popular belief, sand does not cause impaction (aside from calcium carbonate-based sands). Dehydration, low basking temperatures, and high parasite loads cause impaction. A healthy bearded dragon for instance should be able to handle being housed on a loose substrate with no problems, passing any sand particles that do get ingested safely through their poo.

    After surveying the natural environment of Pogona vitticeps in Australia, Dr. Jonathon Howard found that their natural substrate is composed for the following:

    • 0.3% gravel
    • 1.5% silt
    • 2.3% clay
    • 95.9% fine sand (quartz and iron oxide)

    In other words, bearded dragons evolved to thrive on a thick layer of packed Australian red sand. Note that this sand is fine and soft, not coarse and sharp. 

    (This information on impaction was compiled with permission from ReptiFiles.com. Be sure to bookmark, reference and read ReptiFiles for the complete care for your Bearded Dragon.)

    The Bio Dude - Terra Sahara 6 Quart Bag
    Terra Sahara 36 qt substrate

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