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Product Details

  • Will not disturb night-time cycles. Prefect for providing night time temps
  • Provides - Mimics heat from the sun using the latest in heating technology, providing heat deep into the reptiles muscle tissue
  • Wattage - 50 and 80 watt lamps 
  • Power Supply - USA 110 volts
  • Country of Origin - United Kingdom

Product Description

Using cutting edge technology to produce the most natural and effective wavelengths of Infra-Red being ‘Infra-Red-A’ and ‘Infra-Red-B’. These wavelengths have been almost impossible to replicate in-balance within a small lamp up until now.

Full Description

The sun provides our world and its inhabitants with heat through the terrestrial wavelengths of light termed as ‘Infra-Red-A’ and ‘Infra-Red-B’ but not directly with Infra-Red-C which is filtered out by the atmosphere. The terrestrial wavelengths of light are full of energy as the photons of light travel down into our world.

They are then available directly into an animal’s dermis where they will deliver energy naturally, we term this as being ‘bio-available’. Full-spectrum terrestrial daylight interacts with everything that it encounters and in ectothermic species such as reptiles it is within these wavelengths that they obtain the energy that they need to ‘function’.


Uses far less power than many standard heating systems. The 50W Deep Heat Projector can outperform a 100W Ceramic Heat Lamp or Tungsten Heating Lamp in heat generation and projection.


This revolutionary lamp has a thick internal reflector, meaning far less of the heat is wasted. Heating up quickly, reaching and maintaining the target temperature.


As with all lamps, should be used with a thermostat. A dimming thermostat will provide accurate control of your thermogradient. You should check the temperature with a suitable quality non-contact laser thermometer. If used correctly this high quality, handmade heating lamp should provide you with years of stable heat provision.


Produces virtually no visible light and should be used throughout the day and night. Therefore, it will not upset the important day/night cycles (circadian rhythms).

Arcadia Deep Heat Projector - 50 watts
Arcadia Deep Heat Projector - 80 watts

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