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Scroll down to see the video on the Arcadia ShadeDweller - Arboreal

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Product Details

  • Provides 7% UVB (perfect for arboreal crepuscular species such as Crested Geckos)
  • Dimensions - T5 fixture is 12" L
  • Power Supply - USA 110 volts
  • Country of Origin - United Kingdom

Product Description

Complete Lighting Kit for Arboreal Crepuscular Species

ShadeDweller 7% UV-B has been thoughtfully designed around the needs of arboreal crepuscular species such as Crested geckos, Day geckos and many amphibians where the distance to basking is around 12” 30cm.

    Full Description


    The ProT5 reflector provides a fluid mid-width flood of light and is perfect for providing an easy to measure basking area for any species. However, for ‘shade dwelling’ species such as crested geckos, smaller climbing snakes and amphibians that can easily move upwards close towards the lamp increased energy is found. UV energy is vital of course, but we must be sure that we do not provide UV Indexes that are higher than nature has provided a ‘use for’ and a ‘level of protection against’.

    ShadeDwellerPro-Arboreal has been designed to be safe and effective to use over standard meshed-topped vivarium's and inside other vivarium's where planting/decoration is provided to a close distance to the lamp. This kit will provide the ideal UVI and allow inhabitants to benefit in full from activated color vision and the natural effective D3 cycle safely. Using our tried and tested 2.4% UV-B, 12% UV-A high CRI ShadeDweller-Arboreal lamp you can be sure of providing a safe and effective UV Index even if the animal travels high into its environment close to the lamp.


    We should always provide access to UV energy over an area that covers at least the animals whole body, from nose to vent in lizards and the whole snake whilst coiled, of course this basking zone should be matched with equal to or greater access to graduated shade vertically or horizontally or both. In this way the animal can travel to energize under the lamp and self-regulate its exposure naturally.

    Heavy planting with broadleaf plants will create leaf-scatter patterns of shade and offer good protection, as such if the enclosure is heavily planted and there is some distance between basking and the lamp the ShadeDweller 7% lamp maybe more suitable for achieving optimal UVI per species, please use our free lighting guide to check optimal UVI for your species.


    ShadeDwellerProArboreal 2.4% UV-B has been thoughtfully designed around the needs of crepuscular arboreal species such as Crested Geckos

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